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I can't believe it's not "Trash"! (ICBINT)

Have you ever wondered, what you're throwing away? Thousands of people contribute to large landfill masses and unnecessary waste. "Unnecessary Waste" means waste that doesn't belong in the landfill or doesn't need to be thrown away at all. People are still finding enormous amounts of trash in places it doesn't belong, and we've found a solution. 

How it works

The three main components

The "App"

Our app uses machine learning to recognize and match images of several diverse types of waste and reusable items. These items are later put in a bin either in the garbage side or the recycling side based on the result of the machine learning system.

The "Arduino System"

We then use a simple program to output different results to an Arduino chip. The Arduino chip uses its own program to recognize and compute these results.

The "Bin"

The Arduino chip runs two different servo motors which tilt a piece of cardboard that puts the item into either the garbage or recycling based on the result


We have a team of incredibly committed workers who’ve poured their blood , sweat and tears into creating this incredible product.

Jaden Bhimani


Zaki Rangwala


Raymond Chen


Our Sponsors and Partners

This could have not been done without our sponsors who really are an intergral part of us being able to make this project.